Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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RegPhos is a knowledgebased system that can let users input a group of genes/proteins to be explored the phosphorylation network associated with the information of subcellular localization. In this study, a knowledgebase is developed to integrate experimentally verified protein phosphorylation data and protein-protein interaction data for constructing the protein kinase-substrate phosphorylation networks in human. The experimentally verified phosphorylation sites are extracted from Phospho.ELM, Swiss-Prot, PHOSIDA, and HPRD. Due to the annotation of human kinome in KinBase, consisting of 518 kinase genes in human genome, were catagorized into 7 major groups. In order to fully investigate how protein kinases regulate the intracellular processes, a published kinase-specific phosphorylation site prediction tool, KinasePhos, is incorporated with the information of protein-protein interaction, functional association, and subcellular localization to assign the potential kinase. Moreover, the mRNA expression signatures of kinase and substrate genes in specific experimental condition are provided to be investigated when the kinase and substrate expressed.