Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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Kinase: JNK3(MAPK10) mitogen-activated protein kinase 10

Group: CMGC      Family: MAPK      Subfamily: JNK

Description: mitogen-activated protein kinase 10

Gene Symbol: MAPK10

Synonyms: FLJ12099, FLJ33785, JNK3, JNK3A, MGC50974, PRKM10, p493F12, p54bSAPK

UniprotKB/SwissProt: MK10_HUMAN (P53779)

Function: Responds to activation by environmental stress and pro- inflammatory cytokines by phosphorylating a number of transcription factors, primarily components of AP-1 such as c-Jun and ATF2 and thus regulates AP-1 transcriptional activity. Required for stress-induced neuronal apoptosis and the pathogenesis of glutamate excitotoxicity (By similarity).

Subcellular Localization: Cytoplasm.

Protein Domain:

The substrate proteins of kinase JNK3(MAPK10)

No.Gene NameUniProtKB IDProtein DescriptionNumber of kinase-specific phosphorylation sitesView
1APPA4_HUMANAmyloid beta A4 protein precursor (APP) (ABPP) (Alzheimer diseaseamyloid protein) (Cerebral vascular amyloid peptide) (CVAP) (Proteasenexin-II) (PN-II) (APPI) (PreA4) [Contains: Soluble APP-alpha (S-APP-alpha); Soluble APP-beta (S-APP-beta); C99; Beta-amyloid protein 42(Beta-APP42); Beta-amyloid protein 40 (Beta-APP40); C83; P3(42);P3(40); Gamma-CTF(59) (Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 59)(Amyloid intracellular domain 59) (AID(59)) (AICD-59); Gamma-CTF(57)(Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 57) (Amyloid intracellular domain57) (AID(57)) (AICD-57); Gamma-CTF(50) (Gamma-secretase C-terminalfragment 50) (Amyloid intracellular domain 50) (AID(50)) (AICD-50);C31]. 1Show
2ATN1ATN1_HUMANAtrophin-1 (Dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy protein). 1Show
3BCL2L11BIM_HUMANBcl-2-like protein 11 (Bcl2-interacting mediator of cell death). 3Show
4HNRPKHNRPK_HUMANHeterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K (hnRNP K) (Transformationup-regulated nuclear protein) (TUNP). 5Show