Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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Kinase: LTK leukocyte tyrosine kinase

Group: TK      Family: ALK      

Description: leukocyte tyrosine kinase

Gene Symbol: LTK

Synonyms: TYK1

UniprotKB/SwissProt: LTK_HUMAN (P29376)

Function: The exact function of this protein is not known. It is probably a receptor with a tyrosine-protein kinase activity.

Subcellular Localization: Membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein.

Protein Domain:

The substrate proteins of kinase family ALK

 No.Gene NameUniProtKB IDProtein DescriptionNumber of kinase family-specific phosphorylated sitesView
1ALKALK_HUMANALK tyrosine kinase receptor precursor (EC (Anaplasticlymphoma kinase) (CD246 antigen). 6Show
2ZC3HC1NIPA_HUMANNuclear-interacting partner of ALK (Nuclear-interacting partner ofanaplastic lymphoma kinase) (hNIPA) (Zinc finger C3HC-type protein 1). 2Show
3SMAD1SMAD1_HUMANMothers against decapentaplegic homolog 1 (SMAD 1) (Mothers againstDPP homolog 1) (Mad-related protein 1) (Transforming growth factor-beta-signaling protein 1) (BSP-1) (hSMAD1) (JV4-1). 3Show
4SMAD2SMAD2_HUMANMothers against decapentaplegic homolog 2 (SMAD 2) (Mothers againstDPP homolog 2) (Mad-related protein 2) (hMAD-2) (JV18-1) (hSMAD2). 3Show
5STAT3STAT3_HUMANSignal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (Acute-phaseresponse factor). 1Show