Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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Substrate: LMNB1

Description: Lamin-B1.

Synonyms: LMN2, LMNB

Ensembl ID: ENSG00000113368

UniprotKB/SwissProt: LMNB1_HUMAN (P20700)

Function: Lamins are components of the nuclear lamina, a fibrous layer on the nucleoplasmic side of the inner nuclear membrane, which is thought to provide a framework for the nuclear envelope and may also interact with chromatin.

Other Modifications: View all modification sites in dbPTM

Protein Subcellular Localization: Nucleus inner membrane; Lipid-anchor; Nucleoplasmic side.
Protein Domain and Phosphorylation Sites:

The phosphorylated sites of LMNB1

No.SubstrateUniProtKB IDPositionPhosphoPeptideSolvent AccessibilityCatalytic kinaseSourceComputational Annotation of Catalytic KinaseInteracting PartnersExpression Analysis
1LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS13PPRMG S RAGGP 15.04% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
2LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANT19RAGGP T TPLSP 44.30% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
3LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANT19RAGGP T TPLSP 44.30% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
4LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANT20AGGPT T PLSPT 25.93% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
5LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANT20AGGPT T PLSPT 25.93% HPRD:01036(in vivo)View   
6LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANT20AGGPT T PLSPT 25.93% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
7LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS23PTTPL S PTRLS 25.98%CDC2 HPRD:01036(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
8LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS23PTTPL S PTRLS 25.98% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
9LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS23PTTPL S PTRLS 25.98%CDK_group Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
10LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANT25TPLSP T RLSRL 40.65% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
11LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS28SPTRL S RLQEK 27.88% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
12LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS28SPTRL S RLQEK 27.88% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
13LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS200ENRCQ S LTEDL 40.67% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
14LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS200ENRCQ S LTEDL 40.67% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
15LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS391ERLKL S PSPSS 23.03% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
16LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS391ERLKL S PSPSS 23.03% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
17LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS391ERLKL S PSPSS 23.03% HPRD:01036(in vivo)View   
18LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS393LKLSP S PSSRV 33.76% HPRD:01036(in vitro)View   
19LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS393LKLSP S PSSRV 33.76%CDK_group Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
20LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS393LKLSP S PSSRV 33.76% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
21LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS395LSPSP S SRVTV 34.80%PKCb(PKC beta) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
22LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS395LSPSP S SRVTV 34.80%PKCb HPRD:01036(in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
23LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS396SPSPS S RVTVS 33.87%PKC_group Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
24LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS404TVSRA S SSRSV 27.95% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
25LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS404TVSRA S SSRSV 27.95% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
26LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS405VSRAS S SRSVR 28.87%PKCb(PKC beta) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
27LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS405VSRAS S SRSVR 28.87%PKCb HPRD:01036(in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
28LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANS406SRASS S RSVRT 26.53%PKC_group Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
29LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANT575FHQQG T PRASN 12.79% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
30LMNB1LMNB1_HUMANT575FHQQG T PRASN 12.79% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View