Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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Substrate: PSCD1

Description: Cytohesin-1 (PH, SEC7 and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 1)(SEC7 homolog B2-1).

Synonyms: D17S811E

Ensembl ID: ENSG00000108669

UniprotKB/SwissProt: CYH1_HUMAN (Q15438)

Function: Promotes guanine-nucleotide exchange on ARF1 and ARF5. Promotes the activation of ARF through replacement of GDP with GTP.

Other Modifications: View all modification sites in dbPTM

Protein Subcellular Localization:
Protein Domain and Phosphorylation Sites:

The phosphorylated sites of PSCD1

No.SubstrateUniProtKB IDPositionPhosphoPeptideSolvent AccessibilityCatalytic kinaseSourceComputational Annotation of Catalytic KinaseInteracting PartnersExpression Analysis
1PSCD1CYH1_HUMANS393RKKKV S STKRH 40.96%PKCd HPRD:01630(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
2PSCD1CYH1_HUMANS394KKKVS S TKRH 40.72%PKC_group Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
3PSCD1CYH1_HUMANS394KKKVS S TKRH 40.72%PKCd HPRD:01630(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
4PSCD1CYH1_HUMANT395KKVSS T KRH 25.29%PKC_group Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
5PSCD1CYH1_HUMANT395KKVSS T KRH 25.29%PKCd HPRD:01630(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing