Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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Substrate: KRT8

Description: Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 8 (Cytokeratin-8) (CK-8) (Keratin-8)(K8).

Synonyms: CYK8

Ensembl ID: ENSG00000170421

UniprotKB/SwissProt: K2C8_HUMAN (P05787)

Function: Together with KRT19, helps to link the contractile apparatus to dystrophin at the costameres of striated muscle.

Other Modifications: View all modification sites in dbPTM

Protein Subcellular Localization: Cytoplasm.
Protein Domain and Phosphorylation Sites:

The phosphorylated sites of KRT8

No.SubstrateUniProtKB IDPositionPhosphoPeptideSolvent AccessibilityCatalytic kinaseSourceComputational Annotation of Catalytic KinaseInteracting PartnersExpression Analysis
1KRT8K2C8_HUMANS9RVTQK S YKVST 21.99% Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity)View   
2KRT8K2C8_HUMANS13KSYKV S TSGPR 16.83% Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity)View   
3KRT8K2C8_HUMANS21GPRAF S SRSYT 24.69% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
4KRT8K2C8_HUMANS21GPRAF S SRSYT 24.69% HPRD:01015(in vivo)View   
5KRT8K2C8_HUMANS21GPRAF S SRSYT 24.69% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
6KRT8K2C8_HUMANS22PRAFS S RSYTS 20.84% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
7KRT8K2C8_HUMANS22PRAFS S RSYTS 20.84% HPRD:01015(in vitro;in vivo)View   
8KRT8K2C8_HUMANS22PRAFS S RSYTS 20.84% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
9KRT8K2C8_HUMANS24AFSSR S YTSGP 34.41% HPRD:01015(in vitro;in vivo)View   
10KRT8K2C8_HUMANS24AFSSR S YTSGP 34.41% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
11KRT8K2C8_HUMANS24AFSSR S YTSGP 34.41% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
12KRT8K2C8_HUMANT26SSRSY T SGPGS 28.58% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
13KRT8K2C8_HUMANS27SRSYT S GPGSR 34.45% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
14KRT8K2C8_HUMANS34PGSRI S SSSFS 24.06% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
15KRT8K2C8_HUMANS34PGSRI S SSSFS 24.06% Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity)View   
16KRT8K2C8_HUMANS37RISSS S FSRVG 29.23% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
17KRT8K2C8_HUMANS37RISSS S FSRVG 29.23% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
18KRT8K2C8_HUMANS37RISSS S FSRVG 29.23% HPRD:01015(in vivo)View   
19KRT8K2C8_HUMANS43FSRVG S SNFRG 21.17% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
20KRT8K2C8_HUMANS43FSRVG S SNFRG 21.17% HPRD:01015(in vivo)View   
21KRT8K2C8_HUMANS43FSRVG S SNFRG 21.17% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
22KRT8K2C8_HUMANS44SRVGS S NFRGG 33.78% Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity)View   
23KRT8K2C8_HUMANS74NQSLL S PLVLE 22.83%p38a(MAPK14) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
24KRT8K2C8_HUMANS74NQSLL S PLVLE 22.83%PKCd(PKC delta) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
25KRT8K2C8_HUMANS74NQSLL S PLVLE 22.83%p38a HPRD:01015(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
26KRT8K2C8_HUMANS74NQSLL S PLVLE 22.83%Erk1 HPRD:01015(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
27KRT8K2C8_HUMANS74NQSLL S PLVLE 22.83%JNK1(MAPK8) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
28KRT8K2C8_HUMANS74NQSLL S PLVLE 22.83%Erk2 HPRD:01015(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
29KRT8K2C8_HUMANS74NQSLL S PLVLE 22.83%JNK1 HPRD:01015(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
30KRT8K2C8_HUMANS74NQSLL S PLVLE 22.83%MAPK_group Swiss-Prot 55.0  ViewAnalyzing
31KRT8K2C8_HUMANS253MDNSR S LDMDS 28.65% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
32KRT8K2C8_HUMANS253MDNSR S LDMDS 28.65% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
33KRT8K2C8_HUMANS330KGQRA S LEAAI 29.00% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
34KRT8K2C8_HUMANS330KGQRA S LEAAI 29.00% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
35KRT8K2C8_HUMANS417HTKTT S GYAGG 34.73% Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity)View   
36KRT8K2C8_HUMANS424YAGGL S SAYGG 19.05% Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity)View   
37KRT8K2C8_HUMANS432YGGLT S PGLSY 23.24%Erk1 HPRD:01015(in vitro)  ViewAnalyzing
38KRT8K2C8_HUMANS432YGGLT S PGLSY 23.24%CDC2(CDK1) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
39KRT8K2C8_HUMANS432YGGLT S PGLSY 23.24%CaMK2_group Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
40KRT8K2C8_HUMANS432YGGLT S PGLSY 23.24%Erk1(MAPK3) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
41KRT8K2C8_HUMANS432YGGLT S PGLSY 23.24%CaMK2_group Swiss-Prot 55.0  ViewAnalyzing
42KRT8K2C8_HUMANS432YGGLT S PGLSY 23.24%MAPK_group Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
43KRT8K2C8_HUMANS432YGGLT S PGLSY 23.24%MAPK_group Swiss-Prot 55.0  ViewAnalyzing
44KRT8K2C8_HUMANS451GAGSS S FSRTS 29.01% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
45KRT8K2C8_HUMANS451GAGSS S FSRTS 29.01% HPRD:01015(in vivo)View   
46KRT8K2C8_HUMANS451GAGSS S FSRTS 29.01% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
47KRT8K2C8_HUMANS475DGKLV S ESSDV 42.04% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
48KRT8K2C8_HUMANS475DGKLV S ESSDV 42.04% Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity)View   
49KRT8K2C8_HUMANS478LVSES S DVLPK 27.90% Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity)View