Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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Substrate: UBTF

Description: Nucleolar transcription factor 1 (Upstream-binding factor 1) (UBF-1)(Autoantigen NOR-90).

Synonyms: UBF, UBF1

Ensembl ID: ENSG00000108312

UniprotKB/SwissProt: UBF1_HUMAN (P17480)

Function: Recognizes the ribosomal RNA gene promoter and activates transcription mediated by RNA polymerase I through cooperative interactions with the species-specific factor SL1. It binds specifically to the upstream control element.

Other Modifications: View all modification sites in dbPTM

Protein Subcellular Localization: Nucleus.
Protein Domain and Phosphorylation Sites:

The phosphorylated sites of UBTF

No.SubstrateUniProtKB IDPositionPhosphoPeptideSolvent AccessibilityCatalytic kinaseSourceComputational Annotation of Catalytic KinaseInteracting PartnersExpression Analysis
1UBTFUBF1_HUMANT117PKKPL T PYFRF 25.19%Erk1 HPRD:02814(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
2UBTFUBF1_HUMANT117PKKPL T PYFRF 25.19%Erk1(MAPK3) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
3UBTFUBF1_HUMANT117PKKPL T PYFRF 25.19%Erk2 HPRD:02814(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
4UBTFUBF1_HUMANT117PKKPL T PYFRF 25.19%Erk2(MAPK1) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
5UBTFUBF1_HUMANT201PEKPK T PQQLW 34.55%Erk2(MAPK1) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
6UBTFUBF1_HUMANT201PEKPK T PQQLW 34.55%Erk2 HPRD:02814(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
7UBTFUBF1_HUMANT201PEKPK T PQQLW 34.55%Erk1(MAPK3) Phospho.ELM 7.0 ViewAnalyzing
8UBTFUBF1_HUMANT201PEKPK T PQQLW 34.55%Erk1 HPRD:02814(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
9UBTFUBF1_HUMANS389KKQAT S PASKK 22.83%CDK2 Phospho.ELM 7.0  ViewAnalyzing
10UBTFUBF1_HUMANS389KKQAT S PASKK 22.83%CDK2 HPRD:02814(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
11UBTFUBF1_HUMANS484GKLPE S PKRAE 33.51%CDK4 Phospho.ELM 7.0  ViewAnalyzing
12UBTFUBF1_HUMANS484GKLPE S PKRAE 33.51%CDK2 HPRD:02814(in vitro;in vivo)  ViewAnalyzing
13UBTFUBF1_HUMANS484GKLPE S PKRAE 33.51% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View