Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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Substrate: SRPK2

Description: Serine/threonine-protein kinase SRPK2 (EC (Serine/arginine-rich protein-specific kinase 2) (SR-protein-specific kinase 2) (SFRSprotein kinase 2).

Ensembl ID: ENSG00000135250

UniprotKB/SwissProt: SRPK2_HUMAN (P78362)

Function: Phosphorylates RS domain-containing proteins, such as SFRS1 and SFRS2 on serine residues. Role in spliceosome assembly and in mediating the trafficking of splicing factors. Appears to mediate HBV core protein phosphorylation which is a prerequisite for pregenomic RNA encapsidation into viral capsids.

Other Modifications: View all modification sites in dbPTM

Protein Subcellular Localization: Cytoplasm. Nucleus.
Protein Domain and Phosphorylation Sites:

The phosphorylated sites of SRPK2

No.SubstrateUniProtKB IDPositionPhosphoPeptideSolvent AccessibilityCatalytic kinaseSourceComputational Annotation of Catalytic KinaseInteracting PartnersExpression Analysis
1SRPK2SRPK2_HUMANS52EEILG S DDEEQ 38.14%CK2_group Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity) ViewAnalyzing
2SRPK2SRPK2_HUMANY319DQDGE Y CPEVK 20.87% Swiss-Prot 55.0 View   
3SRPK2SRPK2_HUMANY319DQDGE Y CPEVK 20.87% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
4SRPK2SRPK2_HUMANS494RSRTV S ASSTG 23.09% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
5SRPK2SRPK2_HUMANS494RSRTV S ASSTG 23.09% HPRD:04280(in vitro)View   
6SRPK2SRPK2_HUMANT498VSASS T GDLPK 32.02% Phospho.ELM 7.0View   
7SRPK2SRPK2_HUMANT498VSASS T GDLPK 32.02% HPRD:04280(in vitro)View   
8SRPK2SRPK2_HUMANS588LFEPH S GEDYS 55.37%CK2_group Swiss-Prot 55.0 (Similarity) ViewAnalyzing