Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation
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The Cross-validation of the 107 catagorized kinase families

The experimentally verified phosphorylated sites are collected from PhosphoELM and SwissProt. All the 518 kinase genes which were identified by Manning et al. are categorized by their annotated family or subfamily. There are totally 107 kinase familes including more than 300 kinases. The number of phosphorylated sites in human proteins is listed, as well as the number of phosphorylated proteins. Moreover, the sequence logo of each kinase family is presented by using Weblogo.

No.GroupFamilySubfamilyFamily descriptionKinase memberNumber of phosphosites in all speciesSequence logoHMM Sn.HMM Sp.HMM Acc.SVM Acc.Std.
1AGCPKB Protein kinase B AKT1 AKT2 AKT3 89(64)
2AGCDMPKROCK Rho Kinase ROCK1 ROCK2 38(22) 77.586.882.277.95.1
3AGCGRKGRK G-protein coupled Receptor Kinase GPRK7 RHOK GPRK6 GPRK5 GPRK4 84(26) -----
4AGCGRKBARK Beta Adrenergic Receptor Kinase BARK1 BARK2 33(15) 62.185.873.962.72.6
5AGCNDR Nuclear Dbf2-related kinases NDR1 NDR2 LATS1 LATS2 2(2) 1001001006517.5
6AGCPKA Protein kinase A PKACa PKACb PKACg 493(302) 82.483.983.188.31.0
7AGCPDK1 Phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase PDK1 34(24) 85.381.883.681.52.0
8AGCPKC Protein kinase C PKCh PKCa PKCb PKCd PKCe PKCg PKCi PKCt PKCz 413(234) 61.787.374.580.10.8
9AGCPKG Protein kinase G PKG1 PKG2 42(23) 78.385.581.982.73.0
10AGCPKN Protein kinase N PKN1 PKN2 PKN3 3(1)